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Happy 2015!

New Year New…..

What a Year 2014 Was!

Maybe it’s too late in the new year to reflect on 2014 or maybe not. I’ve recently just returned to LA after a two week trip back home to New Orleans. And yes I’ve gain a few pounds and am still trying to recover my voice!

In 2014 I was hung over from all the self help books I read in 2013 and decided to step out and be bold enough to discover my purpose in life. Because according to those books, once you find your life purpose, things get easier and simpler. Well heck, I wanted to know what mine was! So I took up meditation, started going to therapy, watched a lot of Oprah, went hiking, and tried cutting out gluten, in hopes to grasp my purpose. I knew deep down I wanted to be some kind of voice, some kind of pioneer for artist whom, like myself, just want to express myself and make a living doing it. So in my journey, I began looking into what do I do, what can I do, and how can I do it?

While drinking my yogi tea, these bright ideas would come to mind about how I could find my purpose; selling t-shirts, making jewelry, reading more books, applying for grants, paintings, writing poetry, etc. I was all over the place! And darn it, I couldn’t find my purpose! And I couldn’t understand why! I mean my contemporaries and idols seemed to have easily found theirs (according to their social media profiles). So why couldn’t I? Throughout this purpose seeking mission, I was awarded a grant through the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs to teach and work with students who had limited resources to arts education, I called it The Michael’s Daughter Project. I wrote and self published my first book Things To Do While On Unemployment. And I auditioned and worked on some really awesome projects. Man! I just knew I was closing in on finding my purpose and being able to phrase it in one simple sentence!

And then I got a letter, saying my father was to be released from prison, a year early, for good behavior…
Followed by three other calls and messages regarding the deaths of a family member, a best friend, and a mentor…

The chaos surrounding me in La La Hollywood Land and my own egotistic selfishness of trying to book a job was clouding my zen like mind to find my purpose while figuring out how and when I would see my father, my family, in order to go back home and clear my mind.

So once November rolled around, I booked my plain ticket, for two weeks during the Christmas holiday, away from Los Angeles, to the humid raunchy town known as the Big Easy.

During those two weeks, I laughed the most heartiest laughs, danced and sang silly songs with my mom and little brother, ate…pork and white bread, walked along the Mississippi River, drank wine with my dad, and cried tears of joy and sadness. And oops I forgot all about finding my purpose.

I don’t know why, in particular, I’m sharing this with you. Maybe I need to remind myself to live life and stop trying to define it? Or maybe I just thought there was a profound message to be had in this news letter.

Whatever the message is behind this, I’ll leave this for you and for myself…Be you and enjoy the ride of life that your heart, feet, soul, and ancestors are here to take you on. It’s a hell of a ride and I’m sure there’s a purpose behind it whether we know it or not!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful 2015 and I’m looking forward to hearing all the great things that are to come!

Love, Peace and Many Blessings,

Ciera Payton

PS: For those of you who contributed to Michael’s Daughter over the last few years, please take a look at our summer camp video, shot and directed by Charley Mac.
CLICK HERE The Michael’s Daughter Project Video