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Actress Ciera Payton Dishes Out Advice In Hilarious Self Published Book

Actress, Ciera Payton, Dishes Out Advice In Hilarious Self Published Book

Los Angeles, CA (November 24, 2014) – Enduring long periods of employment is a way of life for many actors.  Actress, Ciera Payton, knows this only too well and offers some sound advice in her new book, Things To Do While On Unemployment.

In 2012, the unemployment rate among actors stood at approximately 90 per cent, according to the Actors’ Equity Association. This can be attributed to the fierce competition for roles and the often times short span for the any role awarded.

The entertainment industry isn’t the only place to see steep numbers in the unemployment lines as across the country a number of Americans have found themselves applying for unemployment. There is, however, a ray of hope as recent statistics from the Labor Department shows that the total of unemployed has fallen by 329,000.

In her book, Payton recounts her life as an unemployee in Los Angeles, California. She details her experience navigating the unemployment system and provides great practical advice through comedy and heartfelt commentary.

When asked what inspired her to write this book, Payton said: “My inspiration sprang from my experience being an actress living in Los Angeles while trying to figure out the unemployment system, a harsh reality that most entertainers face while pursing their career. I would often journal about my struggles and experiences. One day I was reading my journal and reading these stories to myself and realized how funny they were, so I decided to share my story in hopes to give advices and laughs!”

Since being launched on Amazon, Things To Do While On Unemployment, has been generating favorable reviews. Amazon customer, Ruel S. Said: “Being in the industry Ciera’s book really hit home with all the points she made. It was a fun and entertaining read the whole way through. Letta, another customer said: “I really enjoyed this book! It was funny with creative ideas on how to survive the unemployment life. I enjoyed the photos too. I totally recommend this to anyone on the unemployed struggle chain. Very quick read and chapters. Loved it!!”

Things To Do While On Unemployment is available in hard copy $20 and Kindle Edition on Amazon for $4.81, and can be purchased at: For further information about the book or the author, visit:


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