Ciera Payton is a deeply creative and powerful individual with an unwavering dedication to the arts. An accomplished actor, writer and social activist, there is no doubt Ms. Payton has earned the respect of her peers and established herself as a well-respected pillar of the entertainment industry.

Acting has always been Ciera’s true calling. As a girl growing up in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Ciera was accustomed to being an artistically creative person. She would observe the street performers blowing their horns, take in the strokes of the impressive murals scattered throughout the city, taste the love in every spoon full of gumbo, and love moving to the percussive rhythms of the brass bands. These daily experiences fed Ciera’s passion to becoming a successful working actor.

Drawing inspiration from her idols Dr. Maya Angelou, Lena Horne, and Sophia Loren, Ciera knew she wanted to tell stories and give her voice to dynamic, strong, complex characters; bringing them to life from her own experiences.

Her pursuit to be a highly-sought after actress led her to learn everything about the craft of acting. For high school, Ciera attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and graduated a full year early ahead of her peers. With an extra year in her hand, Ciera went on to obtain a BFA in Drama from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). In her sophomore year in college, Ciera auditioned for and landed the female lead in the action-packed feature Flight of Fury starring opposite Steven Seagal.

Equally as comfortable in front of the lens as she is in being a student of the theater, Ciera’s natural acting ability has allowed her to share screen time with well-known actors including Nicholas Cage, Josh Brolin, Viola Davis and Kevin Hart.

While ever committed to her acting career, Ciera manages to find time to give back to her local community. With a dedication to arts education and community service, Ciera created the Michael’s Daughter Project; an annual theater and media arts summer camp in Panorama City, California serving the youth in underprivileged communities. Ciera teaches and empowers the youth to use their voice and tell their story through theater and short films.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Ciera is the owner of Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics, an all natural mineral based cosmetic company which caters to health conscious women who deal with sensitive skin. In the little free time she has, Ciera enjoys sewing, painting, cooking, and most importantly dancing!

A passionate desire for life and ability to communicate with people from any background, Ciera embraces her daily role as a creative storyteller. She continues to have an unwavering commitment to always be her best, challenge the limits of everything she does, while always remaining true to her creative motivations.

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